You have just stumbled onto the single most powerful missing ingredient of your Hockey playing ability that can skyrocket your performance and help you become the top player in your league!"

Graeme Townshend

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With just 40 minutes a day, using our revolutionary new mental training system, you will be better able to enter into the zone, stay laser focused, and have the confidence to play at your highest potential every time you step onto the ice.


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From: Graeme Townshend, The Players's Mind


Dear Players, Parents, and Coaches,

Today more than ever, young hockey players have access to an endless number of excellent hockey camps, private instruction, training videos and manuals. As young players approach the competitive high school and college levels, there is often little difference in the physical capabilities of the players vying for the starting position.

The player with the best physical skills isn't always the player that becomes the star of the team or the top player in the league.

Why is it that there are players with incredible physical skills who never make it to Division I College Hockey or the professional ranks?

Why is it that we see players at the highest levels who don't seem to have world class skills, but are able to consistently contribute more than the better skilled players?

The difference that really counts lies in the players's mind.

It is universally agreed that playing Hockey well is over 80% mental. Unfortunately, over 90% of the training that a player receives and puts into practice is focused on the physical game.

Training the mind doesn't have to be difficult

Let's face it, training your mind to play better as a hockey player sounds good on paper, but can be very difficult and next to impossible to actually implement on a consistent basis- unless you have the right system.

The truth is that this is the missing ingredient that will make the most significant difference in the level of achievement that you will reach as a hockey player.

There are certainly many great sports psychology theories and concepts being talked about at hockey camps and in hockey instructional manuals and videos, but without a proven, simple to implement system, most players skip over this critical area completely.

That is all about to change! You are going to learn about a revolutionary new effortless system that will enable you to skyrocket your confidence, completely eradicate all of your self-limiting beliefs, bust through the mental barriers that are strangling your progress, and replace your paralyzing fear of failure and destructive negative self-talk with the positive mental programming that is required to play at the top of your game.

Getting into The Zone

Getting into The Zone really means performing automatically- your mind and body are working in harmony. This happens when you are so confident, completely relaxed, completely free of inhibitions, so totally free of worries that you perform at your best automatically.

Even if you can't get into The Zone, or if you have trouble staying in The Zone, you can train your mind to get closer to The Zone, and significantly improve your performance.

The aspects of mental training that can help you get closer to The Zone include controlling emotions, being calm and positive, increasing concentration and focus, feeling relaxed yet highly energized, and increasing confidence.

In his ebook, "Why Is Sports Psychology Useful," Sports Psychologist Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D., makes a very important and relevant statement:

"Most athletes view the mental game and physical aspects of their sport separately. There is a false belief that athletes must first master “perfect” technique or knowledge about the sport before working on mental skills. My philosophy is that you cannot separate the mental from the physical when it comes to motor skills. Decisions, thoughts, images, and feelings drive motor behavior."

Quoted from the ebook, "Why Is Sports Psychology Useful," Published by Peak Performance Sports & Publications, 2003, By Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D. Website:


I was born in Kingston, Jamaica. I moved to Toronto at the age of 3. I played one year of Junior hockey for the Mimico Monarchs of the O.H.A. Central Jr. B league. As the #2 recruited player in North America, I turned down offers from 14 schools, including Michigan, Michigan State, Maine and Cornell, to accept a full scholarship from #1 ranked and defending NCAA Division 1 Frozen Four Champion, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

As captain at RPI, recruited as a forward, I led all RPI defensemen in scoring and was one of the top scoring defensemen in the ECACHL as a Junior. . After a very bad experience in college with a coach who constantly beat me up mentally even to the point of black-balling me to the pro scouts, I was able to overcome the odds and prove my critics and coach wrong by signing a Free Agent contract with the Boston Bruins. I later went on to play for the NY Islanders and the Ottawa Senators.

Known mostly for my physical play, I went on to beat the odds and scored an average of 19 goals per year throughout 10 professional seasons in the NHL, AHL, IHL and WPHL.

Among my awards, I earned the IHL and WPHL Man of the Year Awards for my outstanding community service and leadership. I went on to coach for three years professionally. I have been the Player Development Coordinator for the NHL’s San Jose Sharks. I am now the Skills and Skating Coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs. I have also operated youth, adult and college level hockey schools and clinics throughout North America, Canada and Europe.

I have taken my lifetime of ups and downs in the world of Hockey and came to realize early in my career that it wasn’t his physical game that needed work, but my mental game. I knew where to find the answers and took full advantage of the resources provided to me in the NHL and has fused these elements together with my on-going training to put together a powerful system any player of any age and ability can implement on a consistent basis.

You can have access to my powerful system right now.

If you have been working hard on your physical game, but you still find that you can not predict when you'll get into what is commonly known as "The Zone," this system can help take you there.

If you find that you play great one game, and then struggle during another game, then this system can help you.

Maybe you find that you play great in practice or in games that do not hold a lot of significance, but you are not playing at your best during important games.

Maybe for you the opposite is true; you have no problem "getting up for" and performing great in the "big game," but you play poorly against the easy teams. If you deal with any of these challenges, then you need this course.

If you are ready to get started with our powerful system to completely re-program your subconscious mind, order here:

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"I strongly recommend this audio program for every hockey player who is serious about reaching his or her potential"

"In my playing days, I was always looking for any extra edge to put my emotions and thoughts into perspective before game time. I have been teaching hockey players all aspects of the game for many years. I have always believed that the mental aspect of the game is extremely important, but is always the toughest to teach. I believe that The Player's Mind Audio Program is a great mental training tool for all hockey players, especially as they get into the more competitive levels of Hockey. I strongly recommend this audio program for every player who is serious about reaching his or her potential. Graeme has really delivered on something here that can be very beneficial."

Tom MacDonald
General Manager
The Boston Breakers Hockey Program

In order to make the significant changes to your mind that are required in order to play at your fullest potential consistently, you need to completely re-program your mind at the subconscious level.
That is where your core beliefs reside. Your core beliefs are the 'main controlling mechanism' for creating the player you become.

How do you re-program your subconscious mind?

You need to first clear the negative patterns and then feed your subconscious every day with appropriate positive self-talk or what is also knows as affirmations.

Studies show that the average person has over 60,000 thoughts on a given day. Unfortunately for a lot of people, these thoughts are negative.

You are feeding your mind daily with negative self-talk that negatively programs your subconscious in a way that is completely opposite from the way that you want to, and should be, programming your mind in order to reach your full potential.

Now, think about the negative comments that you have heard over the years from your peers, your teammates, your coaches, your opponents, your teachers, and sometimes even your parents. This, combined with your own negative self-talk, has all led to the negative subconscious programming that is at the core of all of the mental barriers that are holding you back.

A Revolutionary New System

I would like to introduce you to a revolutionary new system that will help you to completely re-program your subconscious mind yourself. This system will first work to clear all of your negative thoughts and beliefs, and then it works to install the right positive thoughts and beliefs- the same thoughts and beliefs that most of the hockey players at the highest levels already have.

The real power in this system comes from the proven subconscious programming methods developed by the famed Bulgarian psychotherapist Dr. Georgi Lozanov. The method is called suggestopedia. This method has been used for the past 40 years in Accelerated Learning courses all over the world.

You can read about this method and variations of this method in the book "Superlearning 2000" by Lynn Schroeder, Sheila Ostrander, and Nancy Ostrander.

The effectiveness of suggestopedia has been proven time and time again in several University studies around the world.
It has been used to help students learn foreign languages 5 to 10 times faster than normal.

Today, suggestopedia is used to clear negative patterns and install the positive beliefs at the subconscious level- the positive beliefs that are required to excel at any sport. It is especially effective when used in athletics that require peak mental states in order to reach full potential- such as in Ice Hockey.

I have developed a system for hockey players that utilizes a variation of the Suggestopedia methodology. I have combined a relaxation program, specific Baroque classical music, negative pattern clearing, and positive affirmations to form an effective system to help hockey players to essentially re-program their subconscious mind quickly and with little effort.

Here is how this revolutionary new system works:

  1. 5 minute total relaxation program to put the listener into the optimal state to receive the desired suggestions. This state gives the listener a completely relaxed body, yet a totally alert mind. It is referred to as alert relaxation.
  2. Clearing of all negative patterns. Before any positive affirmations can be effective, all negative and non-supportive patterns need to be cleared out. The negative patterns are cleared using a variation of the proven suggestopedia method. More on this in a minute.
  3. Listening to specific positive affirmations repeated rhythmically 3 times each, over the special "Baroque Background Music". More on this in a minute.

The real power in this system lies in the proven "Baroque Background Music." The Baroque Background Music used has 60 beats per minute. Classical music from the Baroque Masters has been found to work the best. This music by itself has been shown to slow the heartbeat, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. This creates more efficient body rhythms. It's real power shows up when combined with accelerated learning systems.

Research has found that this Baroque music puts you into a state of alert relaxation- the optimal state to enable your subconscious mind to accept desired suggestions.

It essentially opens communication pathways to the subconscious.

This is a completely effortless method that creates lasting changes to your subconscious belief system.

You just have to press play every day and follow the instructions on the audio's.

This powerful system is made up of a set of hockey player specific Audio Scripts that you obtain right here by downloading them as MP3's or by ordering them on CD. Complete instructions are included either way. If you opt to download the MP3's, you save money, and you can easily burn your own CD that you can listen to in your portable CD player, or you can transfer them to your portable MP3 player.

This system utilizes the appropriate scripts digitally recorded in the most effective way to install new beliefs and to help you to achieve maximum results in the least amount of time.

You may be thinking that this sounds too simple to actually work. Try it! Better yet, try it risk free! If you implement this system for 60 days, you will be amazed at the changes you experience. If you are at all not satisfied with the system after implementing it for at least 60 days, return it within 90 days for a full refund.
  • 40 minutes a day to re-program your mind
  • All you have to do is Just Push Play!
  • Accelerated Learning Format
  • Bring your body and mind into harmony
  • Enter the zone!

Order today and you will get the BONUS Daytime Audio Program. This program can be played in the background anytime throughout the day. This will reinforce the thoughts and beliefs that you learn in the main program.

This system has been several years in the making and includes all of the right scripts stated in the most effective way, set to the special 60 beats per minute Baroque music. Many hours of research and planning went into this system. There is no other program like this for hockey players available anywhere.

My first inclination was to charge $97 for this CD set. Even at that price, it would be an incredible value. After much thought, I decided that it should be affordable for every hockey player, regardless of their financial situation.

At this time, I am only charging $37 for the complete system on CD. Even better, you can save $10 plus shipping costs by purchasing the downloadable MP3's and burning your own CD's or transferring them to your portable MP3 player. The cost for the entire Player's Mind Mental Training Audio System Volume I on downloadable MP3's is only $27.

These prices will eventually increase, so take advantage now and save.

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